Notes before attending

・Please make sure to check if local acceptance is available on the same day before you book your flight and accommodation.
・We recommend that you stay in Quezon City to avoid losing time due to traffic congestion.
・We are not able to accept buses on Sundays and public holidays due to local conditions.
・Large buses are not allowed to enter the area due to the narrow roads. Please use a van or microbus.
・You are not allowed to enter the trash heap. We will take you to the bottom of the mountain.
・Please wear socks and sports shoes (or something close to them) on the day.
・Please do not wear clothing that exposes too much skin.
・It is very sunny in the daytime. Please bring drinking water, a folding umbrella and a hat.
・Do not enter the residential area without being accompanied by Salt Staff (local area coordinator).
・Please refrain from taking photos without the consent of the residents or Salt Staff. Taking photographs of the refuse pile is not permitted.
・Please check this site for information on infection and safety before you travel.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare quarantine office

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Safety website


Please note the following

1. Always be aware of the attention being paid to you.

In poor neighborhoods, all Japanese people seem to be “rich”.
Regardless of the facts, they tend to think so.
Flicking a cell phone, camera, or wallet in front of you, or being unprotected, naturally increases the danger.

It will arouse desire.
If you wear revealing clothing, it can be mistaken for seduction.

2. be civil.

You will be visiting places where the local people live their daily lives.
Please enter with the intention of allowing us to peek into their daily lives.
Please imagine what your family and friends would think of you if you were there, while interacting with the local people.

3. obey the requests and warnings of the staff

The Salt Payatas program ensures that every walk in the area is accompanied by a staff member and a local resident who follows us closely. They not only show us the way, but also explain to others why we are doing the walks and why we are here, and help us get to safety in the event of danger.
Our staff will follow the advice of those residents and ask you all to do the same, so please stick to it.


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