【Event】2nd Salt Run/Walk (Yamanote Line)

2nd Salt Run/Walk (Yamanote Line)

This is the Salt Payatas office!
Now that it’s fall, if you want to get a little exercise.
If you’re here, would you like to come running/walking with me?
I’m thinking of doing a mountain line run/walk in groups of four so that it doesn’t get too dense!
This is a running/walking event that ends after lunch with a run, lunch and break up.
Beginners are welcome to join us and run at 7-8 minutes/km. If you’re interested, please apply using the form below!

Date and time:11/14 (Sat.) 9:00 a.m. (Rescheduled in case of rain)
Meet at the Marunouchi Central Exit of Tokyo Station
(2) Run or walk in groups of four on one of the following courses
(1) Tokyo Station→Kanda→Takadanobaba (running along the Yamanote Line: 16km)
     (2) Tokyo Station to Takadanobaba (straight line: about 8km
Lunch: Nong Inlei (Myanmar cuisine, but with an explanation!)

[ Apply here ] https://docs.google.com/… /1FAIpQLScH79Ve2PQ… /viewform… 

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