About the area of activity

We, Salt Payatas, are currently active in two regions of the Republic of the Philippines.
We have been working in Payatas since 1995, when we were founded, and in 2000, we started working in Casigrahan. Both regions have a large number of people living in poverty, but each has slightly different characteristics.


An area that once became world-famous for its garbage heaps. We work in Payatas B, the most populous area of the Payatas region, a so-called squatter area that was settled by people displaced by the massive development of Metro Manila in the 1980s and 1990s; as of 2020, trash speculation has ended, but the garbage is still the main source of waste. It is a region where the economy of the city is still very much alive.


This is a resettlement area allocated to residents who lost their homes due to the Payatas garbage heap collapse in 2000. People who lost their homes due to the large-scale development in other Metro Manila have moved to Kasigrahan. The area is located in the province of Rizal, far from Metro Manila, and although housing is available, the problem of finding a stable job remains.

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