Children Empowerment Program

Scholarship Support

The quickest way to break the cycle of poverty is education.
We started by supporting 19 children to go to school in 1995, and by 2020, we have helped 269 children.
I want my child to graduate from college. My dream is to have my child graduate from college because I was not able to go to school.
The mothers in the community say, “I want my child to graduate from college.
We are taking the time-consuming shortcut of education to break the cycle of poverty and make families’ dreams come true.


We want the library to be a place where people can acquire the skills that are important for living well.
We collectively define life skills as the ability to imagine, think, and continue to learn.
Life skills are not an innate ability, but rather an acquired skill.
We operate the library as a place where children in impoverished areas can develop life skills in a safe and secure environment.

Get support with birth certificate

‘I got my birth certificate and my child can now go to school. It’s one of my dreams come true.
Without a birth certificate, children cannot enroll in school and will not be able to get a regular job in the future.
They will have to live without being recognized as Filipinos.
It is estimated that there are approximately 3,100 children in the Payatas who have not been registered as born.
We are working for the delivery of their birth certificates so that as many children as possible can have the rights that they take for granted.

Life skills education

Children need to overcome difficulties such as poverty, family problems and bullying on a daily basis in order to achieve their dreams.
Many times I wanted to quit school, but I was able to keep going because I didn’t want to give up on my dream. But I was able to keep going because I didn’t want to give up on my dream. I’m really happy to have graduated.
We provide life skills education to help children learn the ability to face challenges and achieve their dreams.

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